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AEM Cision Connector (PrNewswire)

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The Cision connector helps Digital Marketing or Business team to perform various activity in one place, The tool gives powerful option to migrate and manage the Cision News, PrNewswire Contents and Press Release content to AEM.


The Cision connector helps Digital Marketing, Business team, Content Author and Approver's or Site owner's to manage news and press release contents. The connector provides an option to push the content from AEM to Cision or Cision to AEM vise versa.

Also the connector provides more control on the Press release and News content release process, The connector will help to send an reminder mail to notify the appropriate group or members to approve the contents before going live. it will also helps to generate detailed reports on the approved, pending request. the connector also helps to perform cleanup and archieve to keep the serve clean.

    Hot Features
  • Migrate PR news from Cision to AEM
  • Create & Manage PR news pages
  • Notify Approver/Site owner
  • Automate the News and Press Release Process with Approvals
  • Publish PR news via Mail(campaign mail)
  • Press Release Content Reports
  • Daily Alert/Reminder
  • Detailed report
    Features in Beta/Testing
  • Multi-Account Management Configuration
  • Manage Campaign Mail Teamplates
  • Support Localization
  • Monitor Campaign Flow
  • Archive and Cleanup Activity

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